Just the holiday spot you want, halfway between Lyon and Marseille, the valley of the river Drôme is a really authentic dreamland, offering an extensive variety of landscapes, outdoor activities and pageants.
Vaulnavey La Rochette is at a crossroads between the Vercors mountains, the departement of Ardèche, the Diois area and is a gateway to Provence. But it is only a five minute drive from the neighbouring medieval town, Crest, a place well-known for its easy-going lifestyle and its fierce dungeon (the highest in France).

Our accomodation facilities are top-rated (3 ears). Here you will find all the comfort you need for a pleasant stay : all our rooms have private toilets and bathrooms with showers or tubs.
The gîte de la forêt (120 square metres) and the gîte de la Raye (160square metres) are open the whole year round so you may access and enjoy the amazing variety of pleasures to be found here any time with us, in the Drôme valley.
Each lodge has a private entrance and a large terrasse overlooking the flanks of the Vercors, the immediate natural park mountain site.
Don't forget to spend a unique night inside the PENDOLA, a 2,4m wide tent hanging down from a tree branch inside the garden. No doubt a great experience for your kids... and maybe for yourselves, if you will give it a go for the fun of it !

This is the opportunity for all nature and fine landscape lovers, as well as for all sports geeks, to discover an « unbeatable », unmatched land.
The department of Drôme hosts a network of thousands of miles of tracks for hiking and biking.
You can also choose to be accompanied by a mountain guide for your outings.

Plateau d'Ambel
Forêt de Saou
Abbaye de Valcroissant
Trois becs
Canyon des gueulards
Vallon de Combeau
Randonnées Parc Naturel du Vercors
Randonnées Drôme-Ardèche
Randos sud-est
La Drôme montagne
Randos GPS Drôme